My philosophy of Life


My philosophy of life can be put into one sentence. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is a well-known proverb, and I always keep it in my heart. I say it regularly to keep myself positive. This is because I have a major disadvantage in life that often depresses me.

To my everlasting dismay, I was born with cerebral palsy which is a physical disability.  I am unable to walk and have to use a motorized wheelchair to get around. Living with disability makes my life harder than that of most people. To prevent it from taking a toll on my mind, I have developed a philosophy of positivity. I always look for something good in life to divert my attention away from my physical limitation. I take what life gives me and make the best of it like the proverb states.

Though this attitude does not always bring a good outcome, I have learned to accept them. The key is to work with or around your personal situation, to find available courses of action, take them, and accept results. I have come to enjoy my life because I know that there are things I can still do, such as volunteering as an office assistant for a museum. Being a disabled person does not dominate my life because I make the best of it.


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