A Flat Tire- Murphy’s Law

A Flat Tire – Murphy’s Law

On Friday May 8, I had the batteries of my power chair changed. The repair shop warned me about the tires, but I still had to wait for the Social Development Ministry’s funding to replace them. I hoped the tires would hold until then, but it was not to be.

The day after, while I was attending a meeting, the left tire became flat. To my relief, a wheelchair mechanic who was at the meeting fixed it for me. From that moment to Sunday, I thought I would save time because I had only one more to change. On Monday May 11, the left tire became flat again as I was about to leave home for a medical appointment. Hoping for an easy fix, mother and I decided to put some air in it and prayed for it to hold, but it was useless after about an hour. My anger at the turn of events rose to the top of my head, but I tried to breathe through it, telling myself that there was no point in lashing out.

I had no choice but to get the repair done at the wheelchair shop and I pay for it. This was a textbook case of Murphy’s Law. It was good that the repair was short and I had the chair back on Tuesday. It cost 235 dollars. They told me that I would be reimbursed once the health authority read their report about the incident, but I was still bitter. I had thought I would save time. I kept telling myself that the change of tire was a necessity and it could have been worse. I am now glad that I have succeeded in managing my anger throughout this small, but unfortunate episode.

 One thing that abled people usually forget about scooters or motorized wheelchair-users is that their rides are like their legs. Without them, they have no mobility.

Having said that, I now know that owning a motorized chair is like owning a mini-car and I respect people who can take care of their cars for a long time.


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