First Visit to South Korea in Thirteen Years (Part 1)

south-korea-political-map My first visit to Korea in thirteen years didn’t turn out as I had anticipated. However, that is also what made the trip memorable. It was an interesting challenge to do both sightseeing and family bonding while being ill. Before leaving for South Korea on November 17, 2014, everything seemed to be going so well. That is until I caught a really bad cold right before the day of departure.

By the time I and my parents arrived in Incheon, South Korea, where my grandmother and uncle’s family resided, my throat was hurting so badly that I couldn’t speak. Though worried, none of my family thought my cold would last more than a day or two.

They were wrong. My trip had been scheduled to be ten days long and I stayed in bed until the afternoon of November 23. By then I had recovered enough to visit Incheon’s Chinatown and my family and I were determined to make the remaining days of the trip worthwhile, though it would certainly be disappointing for a first visit in thirteen years.

I had left South Korea to seek opportunities for a better life as a person with disability, but I still had my connections to the motherland and needed to reestablish it.


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