The Power of Griffin Riders


The griffin is a mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Its front legs are avian while the other two are feline. It is considered both magical and majestic for being a hybrid of eagle, king of the sky, and lion, king of the land. Those who ride griffins are called griffin riders and they frequently appear in medieval fantasy novels and games as valuable means of air attack and scouting.

A griffin has the advantages of both lion and eagle which enable its rider to fight both air and land battles in a fantasy world. This is of course if a character can ride and work with a griffin which is a difficult feat because the creature has the temper of a lion.

Both ancient Greeks and Egyptians used griffins in their artworks as a symbol of authority and valor. Because of this, griffin riders in modern fantasy fictions are soldiers with high status, if not nobles and royals themselves.

Given their flying skills and status, we can compare griffin riders to the real world’s fighter pilots, though even a griffin without rider typically warrants some respect as a predator.


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