My Thoughts on Kindness and Ignorance



(2014)  Volunteering for the Salvation Army Kettle


(2015) Volunteering for the Salvation Army Kettle


(2016): After Volunteering for Port Moody Station Museum‘s Easter Event

Kindness is priceless. It is much sweeter and more precious for someone who has experienced emotional cruelty during his childhood. I have realized this throughout my life, first as a victim of bullying and then as a university student who met a group of appreciative friends. A simple thank you or a handshake is enough to convey kindness when a person does it sincerely.

Unfortunately, I have also experienced ignorance. Once, I tried to impress a pretty brunette girl in a social gathering, letting her know that I had been volunteering for various non-profit organizations. She blurted out; “But you are disabled, how can you help other people?” She laughed, as if I had told her something absurd. It was as though she had stabbed a sharp needle into my heart and I missed my friends so much at that moment. I longed to experience my kind and comforting moments with them again.

As a person with disability I have had similar moments many times in my life, but I never get used to this kind of emotional blow. Every time I think of that incident, I remind myself that even I have hurt people I am supposed love and respect with my careless words. Although she was just a stranger, I don’t believe I will ever forget that moment.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Kindness and Ignorance

  1. Ti , it has been a pleasure having you as a volunteer, we are so grateful for all the help you have given to us at our events the past three years! You always have a smile on your face and are always willing to help! Thank you for all your help.

    Brianne Egeto
    Museum Coordinator
    Port Moody Station Museum


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