Monday Wisdom: Celebrate yourself! Make art! Dance naked!

A piece of wisdom for Monday?

coffee and a blank page

Celebrate the making of dancing naked art! 


When in doubt, always draw a third Johnson.

# # #

And now for Something a Tiny Bit Serious!

The news these past couple weeks has been hitting me especially hard, with many of those hard things feeling more personal than usual. In times like this, I find self-care especially important: dancing, making, laughing with friends, you-get-the-idea.

From all of us here chez Alice to all of you and yours: much love.

And the occasional* bit of nudity.


[Feeling the need today for a second helping of Monday Inspirations With Alice?Click here to review the whole series.]

[*yo, Kirizar! This is another of those “Do NOT open while working the church’s reception desk”-style posts. You have been warned!]

[To all the new folks who have just started following this blog: Welcome! Apologies if this is not what you were expecting! (It’s Monday, see. I do…

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