My Hiking Day of 2016 at Burnaby Lake Park


At the Parking Lot: with the volunteers and Cydney


By The Lake side


Chatting by the Lake Side with Volunteers: I’m giving the hike two thumbs up!

 June 26, 2016, I went for a hike at Burnaby Lake Park with the help of volunteers from BC Mobility Opportunities Society. It was good day for a hike with warm sunshine and a light breeze. What made my hiking possible was an amazing invention called a ‘trail rider’. I have to thank two volunteers who carried, using it, through the park.

Human kind’s ability to invent necessary tools to circumvent physical limitations never ceases to amaze and the equipment above is a prime example. It enables people with physical disabilities to enjoy natural scenery and experience hiking while getting help from the least number of people. I know from experience that two athletic people can carry it loaded through a hiking trail.

To enjoy a green hiking trail while breathing in fresh air under sunshine is an invigorating experience.  We picked some wild berries along the trail and shared them. They were mildly sweet and left a sour aftertaste.I was satisfied at that moment. I had felt the summer with more than one sense, making the hike even more meaningful.

Physical disabilities should not prevent people from enjoying the beauty of nature. Trail riders were invented to make hiking possible for people like me. When there is an opportunity to enjoy life, to be alive while being outside of one’s comfort zone, a person should use it to the fullest. That is why I have enjoyed hiking with BC Mobility Opportunities Society’s volunteers for 3 years.

I am happier because my hiking experience is not just my own, but also other people’s. We shared that warm sunny afternoon at Burnaby Lake Park and all felt the comfort of being together. The pictures we took together illustrate that well. I will enthusiastically recommend this program to anybody.



After sending this piece to the Hiking Coordinaor, Martin Greyell, I got this wonderful reply of approval.

It was an amazing sunny summer day at Burnaby Lake, perfect for hiking! We first went down to the pier and fed the ducks with some trail mix -they ate it right out of our hands! We then hiked the trails with Ty and Cydney, talking about life and enjoying the weather. It was one of the best days for hiking this season, and it was very rewarding to be able to take Ty and Cydney out on such a beautiful adventure! The sun, the refreshing summer breeze and the amazing volunteers made the experience all the better! I look forward to hiking again with Ty and Cydney to explore the other beautiful hiking spots that British Columbia has to offer.

I thank BCMOS and the volunteers for giving me this wonderful opportunity. This blog post is for them as much as it is for me!



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