South Korean Urban Legend: The Jangsan Tiger


The Jangsan Tiger is an urban legend in South Korea, rumored to originate from Jangsan, a mountain in the city of Busan.  The Jangsan Tiger has two rows of fine, sharp teeth and beautiful white fur covers the creature’s entire body. Its posture is like that of a crouching tiger or a large hunting dog.  It is very swift and travels through mountains with incredibly ease. It is said to be a man-eater, and makes a sound like a woman’s wail or a stream of water to lure people. However, this creature is unlikely to exist for real, given South Korea’s small land mass and long history of poaching.

Curiously, there is a similarly named creature, called the Queenland Tiger in Australia. It is a cyrptid and not to be confused with the Tasmanian Tiger. Unlike the Jangsan Tiger, there is a possibility that this creature is real, given Queenland’s vast wilderness and considerable animal population.

The word tiger still inspires fear in Korea. This fear has created the story of the Jangsan Tiger. In Australia, a cryptid gained that name because of its alleged feline characteristics. Whether or not, they are real doesn’t seem to affect people’s interest in them. This shows that urban legends, especially ones that introduce monsters, are powerfully appealing.


Note to My Readers

I have recently found several YouTube Channels/Private Radio shows that specialize in this subject matter, including one created by a Korean voice actor/radio host. In the linked video he narrates a story about the Jangsan Tiger. The video includes  several illustrations of the creature, so I have decided to include it in my blog post.

The Jangsan Tiger illustrations in the Video

(1): 1:22 (2): 2:12 (3): 3:03 (4): 4:05 (5): 5:06 (6): 8:30


4 thoughts on “South Korean Urban Legend: The Jangsan Tiger

    1. I didn’t mention Japan in my post. Thank you for the comment. I am from Korea and Busan is one of the places is where the creature’s story originated. There is still a debate going on whether or not this creature is real.


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