Korean Monster: the Myodusa (Cat Headed Snake)

The Myodusa (Cat-Headed Snake) of Korean Folklore

The Myodusa is one of the two prominent serpentine monsters in Korean folklore, the other being the Imoogi. This creature is generally described as a very large snake with a cat’s head.  According to some variations of the lore, the snake also has very colourful markings throughout its body.

A curious trait of the Myodusa is that it commands the respect of all birds, as if it is their King. When it leaves the nest (usually in a very deep cave). Nearby flocks take flight around the creature.  Unlike so many legendary serpents, the Myodusa is friendly to humans and even eats food given by humans without harming them. It breathes a blue smoke that heals injuries and cures diseases, so some people intentionally search for it.

Despite its friendly nature, a skilled archer shoots and kills the Modusa in one variation of the legend because some people worshipped it as a God.  The archer thought this could bring many negative consequences.


Note to Readers

The title is linked to a Korean YouTube Video that features a list of legendary Korean monsters. I am going to feature all of the prominent monsters on my blogs.


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