Creating Footnotes in WordPress

Thank you for your help! I will consider adding the plugin.

Lorelle on WordPress

WordPress Tips and TechniquesAmong the many techniques students and clients request in my WordPress and blogging workshops and classes1, requests for creating footnotes in WordPress are rare, but they do happen.

There are very distinctive differences between traditional writing and web publishing styles.2 Footnotes have been replaced by links to cite a reference or resource to support the concept or point of the article. Yet, many still like the traditional and familiarity of a footnote, especially academics.

According to Wikipedia3, a footnote is called a note, often confused with endnotes. Footnotes are notes in the “foot” of the page in which the reference is needed. Endnotes are collections of reference notes and citations found at the end of the entire document or book, like a bibliography. While a website is a collection of many web pages, a web page does not consist of individual pages like…

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