Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: Playing a Farmer


With the Only Animal Member of the Cast




With My Team Members, “The Farmers” of Ridiculous Darkness


Thank you for calling me. I would be happy to be an audience member.”

  “Wait a minute, no! We want you on the stage! As an actor!”


Sometimes an opportunity comes when you least expect it. That’s what happened to me in the summer of 2017. To participate in a theatre production was not part of my plan and I thank Daniel Arnold, the Producer of Ridiculous Darkness, for not giving on me.

It’s ironic that I thought he wanted me as an audience member, not an actor, when we met for the first time at Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver’s Abilities Expo. After the phone call, I realized this could be a priceless, once in a lifetime opportunity for me!

Of course, I got paid for participating, but the money was only a part of it. The total sum of what I have gotten by playing the role of a farmer, along with other people with disabilities, is incalculable. I must write about the whole experience and share it with other people.

Being on stage to play a role in Ridiculous Darkness was an adventure because I had to step way out of my comfort zone and devote myself to the task. It was my first time.  Memorizing my lines took a lot of practice. Even more difficult was summoning the courage to speak them out loud in front of other people. I did it with my team during the rehearsals, and while facing the audience during the performances.

After that I felt proud and that pride was well-earned.


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